World’s first phone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

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A lot of news are on their way about the in-display fingerprint sensor from the leading tech companies on their flagships phone in the meantime Vivo announced a smartphone with fingerprint scanner underneath the display screen. Vivo is working with Synaptics, an optical fingerprint sensor maker. By the end of 2017, Synaptics had announced that they are working towards this futuristic technology. However, the smartphone maker has not provided more details about the smartphone. According to an image shared by the company’s official Facebook page, the actual smartphone model will come with the new fingerprint technology. However, it is just a hint.

Synaptics(an optical fingerprint sensor maker) had said that they are working with ‘top five OEMs’ and they have started mass production of optical in-display fingerprint sensor(FS9500). The FS9500 fingerprint sensors have the ability to sit underneath the display, which will be scratch-proof and waterproof. With such new technology in place, Vivo will be the first OEM to work with in-display fingerprint sensor technology.

The Synaptics scanner boasts that it will be able to unlock the device under 0.7 seconds, which is much slower than the 0.2 seconds which we have on the current generation devices. However, it is much faster than Face Unlock feature used by iPhone X which takes more than a second.

In 2017, most of the smartphone manufacturers have eliminated side bezels on their devices and with the presence of in-display fingerprint sensor. The phone can have more space at the bottom of the device, smartphones can now have a more screen-to-body ratio.

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