Wanna Cry virus the largest cyber-attack in history

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Expert are calling Wanna Cry virus the largest cyber attack in history the massive hack bringing business.Expert are concerned  that this problem may expand all over the world.Identity of hacker are still unknown.  RANSAMWARE attack is commonly known as Wanna Cry virus and has attacked German Government system and public system. An estimated system 30000  and more than 150 countries. the virus has complicated : What You Need to Know About Global  Ransomware Attack reportedly stolen in April from the NSA’s stockpile of cyber weapons , spreads via e-mail, exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft operating systems to encrypt users’ files and lock them out of their computers. The program demands an initial $300 in bitcoin, threatening to destroy the data if no payment is received then increase the fee after seven days. The malware targeted government buildings, banks and railroads in Russia, prompting a stern response from government officials. In this very moment, someone is clicking a link in a spam email or activating macros in a malicious document get attacked by the wanna cry virus I hope you’re reading this post to be prepared for a malware attack. Prevention is absolutely the best security strategy in this case..

how can we be protected from this attack?

so i am going to show how to be protected from this attack just we need to follow the description below.

  • users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 can easily protect themselves by running  Windows Update on their systems
  • Microsoft also recommends running its free anti-virus software for Windows.enable that and be updated
  • All users can further protect themselves by being wary of malicious email attachments, if we receiving any unknown mail  do not open or read
  • If you don’t already have a backup , start now and regularly save copies of all your files.
  • Don’t click on links that you don’t recognize, or download files from people you don’t know personally.
  • enable feature provided by the microsoft

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