VUZE Camera 360-Degree New

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The compact and elegant vuze is a 3D 360-degree camera that lets you create your own virtual-reality videos thanks to eight ultrawide lenses that capture film in 4K. Shaped like a flying saucer, it fits in your pocket, making it easy to carry along on vacations. A large button at the top controls the camera, or you can operate it via the Vuze app. You can’t appreciate just how amazing this camera is unless you compare it to the competition, like Google’s Odyssey rig, a 16-camera GoPro monstrosity that retails for a sticker-shocking $15,000. The Vuze will retail for less than $1000 (the exact price will be announced in March) bundled with a VR headset, a tripod/selfie stick and Vuze’s film editing software. The Vuze starts shipping in August—and judging from the representatives of a major tech company jumping up and down in front of its CES booth, this camera has a bright future.

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