Top 17 apps you should download first for your new iPhone X

iPhone X

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If you have purchased your new iPhone X, you should download some of the apps. To help you get started, we’ve picked our favorites.This list includes both you can find on the top charts and lesser-known software that we use and love. And we’ve also pointed out which apps have been updated for the longer, notch-ed iPhone X screen.

  1. VSCO is an excellent photo editing tool and social network.

2.  HQ Trivia lets you take quizzes twice a day for real money.

3.Google Photos uploads all of your pictures and videos to the cloud for unlimited storage.

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4.Dark Sky is the best weather app by a long shot.lets all your devices work together, which allows users to send everything and anything from one device to another — like text messages or links.

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5.Dark Sky is the best weather app by a long shot.

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6.Camera+ app that gives you more control and more feature than Apple’s built-in has more clarity,3D depth effect and many more.

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7.Trip helps you find cool things to do in whatever city you are in.

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8.Google Maps is the best alternative app than the app inbuilt.


we prefer you to use Spotify, which lets you stream on shuffle without a subscription.

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10.Pocket lets you save web content to read or watch later, even when you’re offline.

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11.Nuzzel lets you know that all the news and stories your friends are sharing.

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12. Dots is a super-fun app to expend time.

a close up of a logo13.Amazon Kindle lets you to puts books on your phone.

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14.The Ikea Place app uses Apple’s augmented reality software to give you rearrange your living room.

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15.Pokémon Go is still the reality games every gamer plays this game and good for the morning walk.

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16.LinkedIn app: This online social network is a great place connect and stay in touch with your professional relationships.Connect to opportunity and tap into your professional potential with the LinkedIn app. The app makes it easier to discover, connect relationships with people that matter, search and apply for jobs. This online social network is a great place connect and stay in touch with your professional relationships.

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17.Zombie Gunship Revenant AR is a game that uses ARkit, Apple’s technology that integrates graphics and the real word.This app is the ultimate augmented reality zombie shooter where you take control of a heavily-armed helicopter gunship and obliterate zombies from the sky.

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