Tech Hacks You Need to Know for Your Computer

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In the age of tablets and smartphones, your computer is likely collecting dust. Dropped your laptop more than twenty times? Doesn’t matter, you’re always on your phone anyway. These bulky machines aren’t obsolete just yet. They’re still more efficient than our new gadgets in many ways. It’s too bad we’re not in love with them like we were in 1999 because computers still have some tricks up their sleeve.

Your Computer Case Actually Prevents Overheating

It’s common knowledge that keeping a case on your laptop is great for protection but a hazard when it comes to overheating.


While cases protect your laptop from dents and scratches, it also helps it from getting too hot while in use.  “The case around your computer’s guts is there to protect it from dirt and fuzz, which is one of the most common causes of overheating. Dust, pet hair, and all the rest of the daily grime are the biggest cause of PC temperature issues, because they interfere with the fans meant to cool your equipment down. If you’ve ever cracked a case open and looked at the fans inside, you won’t have forgotten that grungy sight. Case closed, please.”

Well ladies and gentlemen, there you go.

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