Price of Samsung Mobile Phones In Nepal: 2018 Samsung Mobile Price In Nepal (Updated)

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If you are looking for Samsung smartphones that are available in Nepal and the latest Samsung mobile price in Nepal, then you have come to right place. Here we have listed all the Samsung smartphone which are available in Nepal and their prices. Samsung is the highest selling smartphone brand in Nepal with a market share of around 65%. Samsung have a wide range of products from High-End Flagship phones to budget phones. Samsung also have their service center and authorized distributors all around Nepal. Samsung give much good services to their customer.  We don’t need to worry about after-sale-services. Also, if you need a repair, the replacement parts are easily available in the market.

Remember, all the prices here are MRPs. If you can bargain, you might get them for cheap rates — usually 7% off.

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal (2018 Updated)

Model Name Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Rs. 99,990
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs. 87,990
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rs. 96,990
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rs. 79,900
Samsung Galaxy S8 Rs. 69,900
 Samsung Galaxy  A8+ 2018 Rs. 59,990
 Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Rs. 39,900
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Rs. 30,900
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Rs. 28,890
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Rs. 27,990
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Rs. 26,290
Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Rs. 23,990
 Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt Rs.17,900 (2GB/16GB) | Rs.20,990 (3GB/32GB)
 Samsung Galaxy J Max Rs. 18,900
 Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro Rs. 15,490
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Rs. 14,290
 Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace Rs. 12,990
 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Rs. 9,390
Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt Prime Rs. 7,990


Common Disclaimers apply for price of Samsung Mobile Phones in Nepal.

Buying Smartphones in malls? Consider authorized distributors and resellers for  Nepal. Prices are Only for informational purposes. If you have any queries please feel free to comment below.

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