Open Data Day Hackathon

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The collaboration of Young innovations and Leapfrog Technology is going to organize the Hackathon on 25th Frbruary, 2017. It is a platform for innovators to come together and develop solutions for real challenges and issues using real data of our country. The solutions can be a creative visualization describing the data for anyone to understand it in a glance or a web app or mobile app providing some sort of services to a niche. During this hackathon, like-minded individuals having different skill-sets team up to create amazing solutions for themselves and others. This year, the hackathon will be focused on providing solutions in the domain of public procurement and health.

    Events on Hackaton day :  

  1. Individuals with different skillsets get along to form a team to take up one of the challenges.
  2. The teams will work on creating solutions such as visualization, web app or mobile app.
  3. The judge will visit each team, while they are working, and starts evaluating each team.
  4. Each team will have 5 minutes to present their solution
  5. Once again, judges will evaluate each team.
  6. The scores from judges will be tallied. However, the winners will be announced on Open Data Day 2017 Kathmandu on March 4, 2016

    who is eligible to participate the Hackathon?



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