NTC sim solutions and codes

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How To Use Nepal Telecom Sim?

GSM Mobile System GSM Mobile Unlock Codes[Solution]:
GSM-          –            -Global System For Mobile.
USSD-         –            -Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
CRBT-         –            -Calling Ringback Tune.
SMS-          –            -Short Message Service.
VMS-          –            -Voice Mail Service.
MMS-          –            -Multimedia Message Service.
WAP-          –            -Wireless Application Protocol.
GPRS-         –            -General Packet Radio Service.

Change Security On Your Mobile Phone:
Change PIN1 Code:      04Old PIN1New PIN1*New PIN1#
Change PIN2 Code:      04*Old PIN2*New PIN2*New PIN2#
Change PUK1 Code:     **05*Old PUK1*New PUK1*New PUK2#
Change PUK2 Code:     **05*Old PUK2*New PUK2*New PUK2# View Information Via USSD In Your Mobile:
Call Divert All Voice Calls Facility:                        *#21#[Call]
Caller Identity Display To Your Phone:                  *#30#[Call]
Your Calling Identity Display To Others Phone:        *#31#[Call]
Call Barring Facility:                                          *#33# / *#35#[Call]
Call Divert If Out Of Reach Facility:                        *#61#[Call]
When You Call To Other Phone Display Status:         *#76#[Call]Works Only In Some Networks
When You Call Other Function Display:                   *#77#[Call]Works Only In Some Networks USSD Systems Used In Nepal Telecom GSM Mobile:
Display Balance And Validity Date:                       *400#[Call]
Recharge Balance On Your Phone:                         *411*13 Digit Recharge Number#[Call]
Your Balance Transfer To Other Phone:                  *422*Security Code*Mobile Number*Amount In Paisa#[Call] Free SMS Service For NTC Users:
In Your Message Box Type: Hp                    Send To 2122     Destination: Nawa Kantipur.
In Your Message Box Type: Computerguru     Send To 7700     Destination: Telemert Nepal.
In Your Message Box Type: Computerguru     Send To 8800     Destination: Telemert Nepal. Free Call Service For NTC Users:
System Dial: 011616        To: NTC Voice Mail Box.
System Dial: 1414           To: NTC Query Service.
System Dial: 1498           To: NTC Help Line.
System Dial: 198             To: NTC Landline Fraud Maintenance Service.
System Dial: 1650           To: NTC Prepaid Easy Calling Card Service.
System Dail:                  To: NTC Toll-Free Query.
System Dial:                  To: NTC Toll-Free Edit Admin’s Toll-Free Number. Dial: 197                  To: Search NTC Landline Owner’s Identity.
Dial: 100                  To: Police Help.
Dial: 101                  To: Fire Brigade.
Dial: 102                  To: Ambulance Service.
Dial: 1111                To: Public Comments To Nepal Governments’ Ministries Board.
Dial: 1098                To: Inquiry Child Helpline.
Dial:                       To: Toll-Free Annapurna Travels – Western Union Money Transfer.
Dial:                       To: Toll-Free Avenues Television.
Dial:                       To: Toll-Free Pc Premura Money Transfer.

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