NICASIA Bank To Launch Smart Teller: Customers Can Withdraw Amount Even Without Cheques

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NIC ASIA Bank has its antecedents in NIC Bank which was established on 21st July 1998. The Bank was rechristened as NIC ASIA Bank after the merger of NIC Bank with Bank of Asia Nepal on 30th June 2013. This was a historic merger in the annals of Nepalese financial landscape as the first of its kind merger between two successful commercial banks in the country. Today, NIC ASIA has established itself as one of the most successful commercial banks in Nepal.

NIC ASIA Bank is now, one of the largest private sector commercial banks in the country in terms of capital base, balance-sheet size, number of branches, ATM network and customer base.The Bank has 270 branches, 37 extension counters, 22 branch less banking and 289 ATMs across Nepal with a network covering all major financial centers of the country. The Bank strongly believes in Meritocracy, Transparency, Professionalism, Team spirit and Service Excellence. These core values are internalized by all functions within the Bank and are reflected in all actions the Bank takes during the course of its business.

NIC ASIA Smart Teller

NIC ASIA has brought new concept of smart teller utilizing its existing technology resources. After the implementation of Smart Teller service, customers can withdraw their cash even without using the cheques but with their Mobile Banking or Debit card services from the bank.

The bank currently has 277 branches, 290 ATM terminals, 39 extension counters and 23 branchless banking units all over the nation.

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