New Apple Watch To be enrolled With Glucose Monitoring And More.

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Now we can be able to check our health status even in a watch.This is now becoming possible because of New Apple watch which is going to be enrolled among us. 

  • According to the report the Apple watch will come with a new Glucose monitoring feature and Apple are apparently looking to help people with diabetes with their new device.
  • Current glucose monitors require a blood sample and/or piercing the user’s skin, which is often painful and always inconvenient. Apple’s vision is to find a way to measure blood sugar using the watch itself.
  • Apple’s sights are now set on the epidemic of diabetes, and the company plans to introduce a game-changing glucose monitoring feature in an upcoming Apple Watch.
  • If Apple is successful in creating this next-gen glucose monitor, it would transform the Apple Watch from a wearable accessory to a revolutionary health device. Even though the Watch can now monitor your heart rate and track your activity, it’s obvious Apple wants to add more significant health applications.
  • At the same time,another smart watch band could improve battery life on the Apple watch.
  • So,this effort of Apple could lead to a historic achievement in the world of health and fitness.
  • As it is not unknown that when Apple will launch their next generation Apple watch,it will more likely made official with the new iphone 8 and 8 plus later this year.

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