Nepal’s First Online site for Buying Electronic Products

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You need different things in this high speed world. You always have a creative idea to make something, Something that build with a purpose. You make plans to create but doesn’t know where to start. You search and give time and finally come to solutions. And for those solutions we need certain materials.

It’s not just a material, it’s the component for a new experience/moment/creation.

Now You can buy the electronics items online in NEPAL. They are sold by

BreadFruit Electronics, a unit of Prixa Technologies, is a wholesale and a retail ecommerce store providing wide range of electronic products in Nepal. Starting from the specially packed ‘Begin with Electronics’ kit, They distribute the open source prototyping platform tool – Arduino, the handy and efficient computer- Raspberry Pi, various modules, resistors, ICs, motors, sensors and what not!

Their site :

You can find catogories and buy:

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