Nepal Telecom Brought NTC Sapati

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Nepal Telecom has launched NTC Sapati for its prepaid users. Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Prasad Bissota, launched an ‘NTC Credit’ on the program organized by the telecom on Friday.

While making the call if balance went out or if the customer has an insufficient balance on their sim then they can take NTC Credit.

Such credit will be available from Rs 5 to Rs 40 and credit balance will be deducted from user main balance on next recharge. The company will not take any service charge or interest or any tax on the amount taken by the user.

To take NTC Credit the age of sim must be more than 3 months. To get information about how much money can be taken, you just need to send SMS to 1477 by typing status in your message box.

To active NTC Credit service, you  just need to typing start in your message box and send it to 1477 and to stop you just need to type stop in your message box and send it to 1477

Telecom said that it was positive step to start the NTC credit service for the convenience of the customer, as the Minister of State for Bioskota started the prepaid service for the first time in Nepal. “Telecom has started the ‘NTC Credit’ service, and I understand that there is only one pilot of aggressive market promotion policy, many more such tasks should be done,” he said.

Minister of State, Biospora expressed the confidence that the service would increase the competitive capacity and quality of the company through most of Nepal’s pre-paid services compared to other services of telecom.

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