Nepal Rastra Bank Approves Telia Company To Take dividend Amount

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The National Bank has given approval of dividend of Rs 8 billion to the swedish company telia, when the government has ordered to pay 65 billion rupees to them. Few days before the Supreme Court had given a verdict to allow Telia company to take the dividend to the outside of the country. According to the order of supreme court, the National Bank has allowed the company to take their dividend amount to the outside of the county.

National Bank spokesperson Narayan Prasad Poudel gave information that allowed Telia to take Rs 8 billion for the fiscal year 2072-073. “The decision has been made to cut the dividend of five rupees of 8 billion rupees tax by Rs 7 billion and Rs 60 billion,” spokesman Poudel told Wednesday. Before the order of the Supreme Court, the National Bank had stopped sending the dividend to Telia. The bank had stopped paying the telesia by turning the net worth selling Nelsel by not profit from profit.

According to the Supreme Court, Telia sought permission to divide the national bank. According to the National Bank sources, the Teleia has sought approval for taking the dividend of 2073-074 as a dividend of Rs 20 billion. According to the source, there is a possibility of accepting that 20 billion rupees dividend due to public leave on Thursday. The big taxpayer office under the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday, the public said that the sale of Nelsel was sold to 65 billion rupees, including the penalties and interest added due to the tax benefits, and not to pay tax on the basis of the sale of Nelsel. The Italy company, owned by Nelsel after the telia, has shown tax on her behalf. Earlier, he has already disbursed Rs 23 billion to the Government for capital benefit. Trader Taylor has not yet made the tax payment yet, despite the fact that he has completed all the liabilities on his behalf. The office has issued a 15-day notice saying that the payment of 60 billion rupees is Rs. According to the tax tariffs, it has also been asked to provide Rs. 4 billion 640 million as per interest and penalty. Now, he will have to pay 65 billion 40 million rupees, including capital benefits, interest and penalty. The office has also stated that tax tax will be carried out in accordance with Article 104 to 111 of the tax Act, 2058. However, this time she has got some money in the dividend kept in Nepal. The Telia had prohibited the dividend of national bank and other banks due to the capital profits of government to sell their 80 percent shares. The Supreme Court had issued an interim order saying that it should not stop taking dividends on December. The Supreme Court opens the way to dividend the decision not to take the dividend dividend in Asar, while contrary to the law. The Supreme Court has also mentioned the sale of the company’s responsibility to pay capital profits. In the month of December 2072, Teliaoneraara sold 80% shares to Isaiah.

The Government has received Rs. 2 billion 83 million from the sale of 20 percent shares in the name of Nepali partners. Tailia, who is the main responsibility to pay capital capital, is in the position of ‘Afsor Dilling’, not to capitalize in Nepal. Telia has repeatedly issued a press release and said that the sale of enclosure has completed the necessary process and discussed with local stakeholders. He has been referring to the laws of Nepal that he should not pay taxes. The decision that the Council of Ministers to pay for capitalist tax payable by 2073 decided to raise it from Telia.

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