Most Powerful GPU Ever Built By NVIDIA’s


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NVIDIA’s newest Titan GPU is now available from few days before and the company says it’s the “world’s most powerful GPU for the PC” yet.The Nvidia Titan V is the fastest consumer graphics card in the world.

The Titan V has 5120 CUDA Cores,640 Tensor Cores dedicated to AI.Titan V has 12GB of HBM2 as compared to DDR5X memory, 3072-bit memory interface bus, total memory bandwidth of 653GB/s.The core clock speed is 1200MHz and the boost clock speed is 1455MHz,815 mm2 die, processing node 12nm.Nvidia’s. It claims  9x faster, vapor chamber cooling and 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI video output than the previous generation of launched graphics cards.

Nvidia high-end graphics doesn’t come at the low price.However, the consumer can get this Nvidia Titan v at the @2999 price tag.

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