Mobile will not work from Baishakh 1st, Register your IMEI.

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The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has introduced the rules to register the necessary IMEI number when the new mobile is purchased. This rule will come into play from the coming year. Authorities informed that SIM card will not work until the IMEI number is registered, the Authority has made it clear that the new law has been brought to prevent illegal mobile trade.

Only 1 crore 69 lakhs phones are registered in the period of twenty months, so the Authority has begun to bring the rules from Baishak 1st.Chairman of the Authority, Digambar Jha said that “10% of the mobile are imported from foreign countries to Nepal so the rule should be implemented strictly”. A few years ago, the number was up to 60%.

After the implementation of this rule, the number of mobile phones coming from foreign countries would surely decrease and it would also control mobile robbery. Chairman Jhha said that “the Authority will implement the scheme based on the suggestions by appointing consultants for the system”.

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