LastPass Connect An App That Keeps Your Computer Unlocked When Your Phone Is Around

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LastPass is working on a new app that will make logging onto your computer more easier.

LastPass Connect app is currently in beta testing. Tt will automatically unlock or lock users computer based on the proximity of your smartphone. When your smartphone is nearby, your computer will stay unlocked and when you walk away with your smartphone then your computer will be locked.

The concept of LastPass Connect is similar to the auto unlock feature baked into Mack and Apple watch devices, which doesn’t work with Android smartphones, nor with Windows machines. LastPass is compatible with both Android and iOS phones as well as Windows and Mac Computers.

As it’s in beta, Connect is not currently guaranteed to come to market. The company only sent out beta invites to a few select users thus far, though an open beta program isn’t out of the question.

Setting it up is simple. Once you download LastPass Connect on your smartphone and computer, you will be required to scan a QR code that will authenticates both devices. Once you setup your computer will automatically locked and unlocked based on the distance between your phone and computer.



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