Laptop vs. Desktop for Bussiness purpose

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Business owners who are considering the purchase of computers have a lot of decisions to make, including the types of computers they want to be used in their offices: Laptops or desktops. While laptops have surged in popularity over the past decade, some experts believe that desktops are still a good option for many companies. Here are some factors to consider:

Cost of purchase and repair: Desktop computers are often more affordable, compared to laptops that have similar processing speeds and features. In addition, desktops may be less costly to repair.

Size and ergonomics: Both desktop and laptop computers are available in a range of sizes. If space is at a premium in your office, take the time to compare the size and shape of available machines. Ergonomics is also a factor: if your employees will be spending a lot of time at their desks, choosing a system that encourages healthy body positioning is important. In some cases, laptops can present greater ergonomic challenges, although these can be overcome by purchasing peripherals, such as a separate monitor, and accessories.

Portability: Where do your employees work? If you expect your team to be at their desks most of the time, desktops may make the most sense. If your team is on the road a lot, laptops are the better choice. In some cases, your best option may be to purchase a mix of machines: Laptops for the sales and promotional teams, and desktops for administrative staff

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