Introduction TO Dart Programming By Google

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Dart is one of the High-Level object-oriented programming language developed by Google on October 10, 2011, as it is owned by Google it does have a wide market in the upcoming days. Dart is used for developing Mobile, Desktop, Server and web applications. In upcoming articles, we will be discussing more how to use dart, features of the dart, etc.

Why to use dart ?

  1. As dart is developed by Google we can trust it has a wide market in upcoming days.
  2. Easy to learn and setup its IDE.
  3. Dart programming has the best and high performance.
  4. Supports and runs on cross-platform. It means code written in one platform can be executed on another platform.
  5. Dart is an Object-Oriented Programming Language hence it does support a feature like Class, Objects, inheritance, function overriding, etc.

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