Grammarly Keyboard Now Available For Android Phones And Windows OS and Must Install It

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Grammarly has finally launched an app for Android smartphones and Windows operating system. This app is designed to help users with all of their grammar concerns. However, the app itself is a keyboard, so this means users would have to say goodbye to their favorite phone keyboards just so they could enjoy the different Grammarly tools.
As expected, many of the tools found on the desktop version made it to the Android app. While the main feature of Grammarly Keyboard is to do a simple spell check, give correct popup word, it’s also designed to pick apart everything a user writes to point out grammatical errors.
Grammarly Keyboard suggests corrections by flashing pop-up bubbles at the top of the text a user is typing.Accepting a suggestion is then as easy as just a single tap. For users who want clarification about a suggestion, tapping the Grammarly button will display an explanation about a certain error and why it needs to be changed.

Grammarly says its Grammarly Keyboard app will help users write error-free messages on their mobile and windows devices. So it’s the perfect tool for users who want to write mistake-free.
Below is a list of all key features and functions of the Grammarly Keyboard:
Mistake-Free Writing
Sophisticated grammar checker
Contextual spelling checker
Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps
Easy to set up
Improve Your Skills
Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future.
for android click here
for windows click here

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