Google Pixel 2 Update Improves Battery Life

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Google Pixel 2 has optimized it battery life before than this.The update, which should be quietly rolling out to your Pixel phone now, is to make battery life estimates on the handset more accurate, and as a result much more useful.Using 10% battery per hour is very poor for Google phone.We might expect, this wasn’t always very accurate.To fix this, Google has built an on-device model that evaluates how you use your phone’s battery over time. Your phone looks at your battery usage on similar days and times and uses that to predict your battery life in a personalized way. Just follow the steps below.

  •  Turn unnecessary hardware radios off.
  •  Turn unnecessary application off.
  •  Stop apps running in the background.
  •  Use the extra power saving mode.
  •  Avoid unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper.
  • Set Automatic Brightness mode.
  • Update your apps.


a screenshot of a cell phone

a screenshot of a cell phoneAfter following these steps your battery life obviously increases.  Google has updated the algorithms to be much more intelligent in your phone-use analysis and how this can be used to determine estimated battery drain.With an updated Pixel phone, you can go to the Settings menu and then to the Battery section to receive a personalized battery estimate; it’ll give you a percentage for the battery as usual, but also an estimated time remaining before that’s  used to drain fast.

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