Google Android 9.0 : Everything You Need to Know

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A lot of news are on their way to the Android P, which may feature the design similar to iPhone X to attract iOS users. There is no denying that even the top smartphone manufacturers try to copy or clone some of the best smartphone features of its competitors and implement it in their devices so that they can attract more consumers and expand their market.

Apparently, Google is looking to enhance the design of its upcoming operating system, which is also expected to be a complete overhaul of its software, in a bid to attract more iOS users and make them switch to Android.

Android P (internally referred as Pistachio Ice Cream), which is expected to be Google’s next major Android update, will be seen “mimicking” Apple’s new “notch” at the top of iPhone X that is assumed to be implemented in Google’s “new generation” of Android smartphones. By embracing the iPhone X style notch design, Google is looking to make its presence felt in the flagship and premium segment.

“While Android dominates the middle and low-end of the global smartphone market, Apple controls much of the high-end with users who spend more on apps and other services. Embracing the notch may help change that. The design will mean more new Android phones with cutouts at the top of their screens to fit cameras and other sensors. That will likely support new features, helping Android device makers keep up with similar Apple technology.

“Alphabet Inc.’s Google controls the Android software, while other companies manufacture the devices. These partners can also tweak the software to their specific needs, so not all Android phones will have notches. Indeed, when the iPhone X came out in November, Samsung Electronics Co., the largest Android phone maker, mocked the feature in a commercial.

Android P is expected to integrate more tightly with Google’s Assistant, improve smartphone’s battery life and support new designs, like multiple screens and foldable displays. It will also allow third-party app developers to integrate the AI in their apps for a complete smooth function. Google is also thinking of adding the assistant into the search bar on the Android home screen, but “neither of these changes is finalized for introduction this year.”

Google’s Android P is expected to feature an inbuilt voice recorder with a call recording tone that will be played every fifteen seconds to warn the other person in the conversation that a recording is in progress. The sound will be added to the outgoing audio stream so that the party on the other side can hear it.

With Google expected to announce its next version of Android operating system, Android P, at the Google I/O Conference to be held later this year, we can expect more rumors and speculations coming our way until the official announcement is made.

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