GetJar is the largest independent Android app store outside of the Google Play Store. They’ve been in business since 2004, which means GetJar has developed alongside the smartphone industry as a whole.GetJar was originally created as a developers’ beta-testing platform. It was designed by developers for developers, and their model has remained developer-friendly to this day.

The store app, which cannot be found in the Google Play Store, offers an expansive listing of paid apps for the low, low price of Free, and you can take advantage of these offers by visiting their website.Using a third party store does come with its own risks, however. The Google Play Store heavily regulates what apps are made available and carefully screens out malware. With GetJar, you can’t expect the same level of security that you might be used to. Use discretion when getting apps from any third party store.

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground was recently introduced as an evolution of the company’s free app of the day program. Not only do you have access to a massive index of paid apps for free, Amazon Underground even makes some in-app purchases available at no additional cost.So how do devs make money? Underground uses a very different payment strategy than has been conventionally used by smartphone and tablet app providers.Amazon Underground lets you use the apps for free and pays the developers based on how many minutes you use the app. In theory, this encourages app developers to make apps that are consistently engaging and bring users back for more. In reality, it’s not really certain whether this advantages developers or not.

However, the only way to learn is to try it out. For now, Amazon Underground is offer tons of normally price apps for free. Best to take advantage of it while the getting is good!The real bonus here is in the in-app purchase. This is a huge benefit to mobile gamer, as it deftly steps around those models that require you to buy coins or whatever for additional play. No more waiting around for 24 hours for more playtime to arrive, you can “purchase” as many in-app benefits as you want absolutely free. This perk varies from app to app, but most of the ones we tried out put no limit on in-app purchase quantity.

Google Play is still going to have a larger selection of apps, but if you’re looking to play without paying, Amazon Underground is hard to beat.


AppSales is a service that lets you build a wishlist of apps that you want but which you aren’t willing to fork over cash for. When one of your desired apps goes on sale, AppSales will let you know. By default, AppSales will alert you if an app on your wish list drops in price by a minimum of 25% and has seen 1,000 successful downloads at that price.

You can adjust these options to fit your specific needs.AppSales is the perfect option for the budget-conscious user who would prefer to wait for a deal than experience instant gratification. With this app price monitor, you can check out the history of any app’s selling price, and learn to anticipate price drops. This system combines really well with Google Opinion Rewards, as it lets you stretch your Google Play dollars much further.

Get AppSales


You might not be able to legally get any specific app you want for free, but using these services on the regular can really up your odds of stumbling upon a killer deal and snatching it up. Some free app services come and go as legal agreements expire, but these have been chosen for their projected longevity and the amount of benefit they offer to regular users.

Did we miss anything though? What is your favorite way to ‘hack’ the system and get paid app content for free? Let us know in the comments!