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Nvidia Geforce GTX graphic cards are surely not affordable to all the users. Everyone can’t get the performance that s/he wants. On October 1, 2015, Nvidia Launches Nvidia Geforce Now beta (for now) in Macintosh platform for English users in North America and Europe. It will be available on PC soon.

Geforce Now allows cloud online gaming on your Mac or low-performance PC. This will deliver a great Geforce Experience.  You can play the games that you already own by logging into Steam™, Uplay or Blizzard® You can install any of the games from the list of Nvidia supported games that you already own, or purchase, onto your GeForce NOW PC in the cloud, and they will be saved for instant play when you return.

High Performance GPUs

High-Performance GPUs

GeForce NOW uses the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs, which deliver outstanding performance on demanding new AAA games. This makes it possible for GeForce NOW to stream games with settings and frame rates that exceed what is possible on most PC  laptops, underpowered desktop PCs or even to content-deprived  Macs.

Instant Installs; No Maintenance Required

Instant Installs; No Maintenance Required

Supported games on GeForce NOW are instantly installed onto your cloud gaming rig in seconds, and automatically applies the latest patches to games and NVIDIA Game Ready drivers. Sign into your Steam account and start gaming immediately.

AAA Windows PC Games

AAA Windows PC Games

Enjoy your favorite PC games like PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Fornite, Injustice 2 and over 150 top titles at max settings.  With new games getting added all the time.

Ultra Streaming Mode

Ultra Streaming Mode

This mode increases the speed that GeForce NOW streams games to your Mac or Windows PC from 60FPS to 120FPS or higher, reducing latency.

In 2018 Cloud Gaming may be the best feature. If you have any underpowered PC/Laptops/Mac then this might be the best solution for your dream games to be played.

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