How To Check Own Mobile Number In NTC & Ncell ?

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Hello, friends to I’m Here with one very important topic that is how to know your own mobile number of NTC sim or Ncell Sim. There was a time when we have to know our own mobile number we need to make a call to our relative or friends phone and know our mobile number. Considering this, both telecom companies have provided a method to know own mobile number. This can be done by dialling a number from their phones.

How to know own mobile number in Ntc?

  • To know NTC own number, customer need to dial *9# and call, then it will provide the NTC number.
  • It is only valid for GSM numbers. There is no such method in CDMA.

How to know own SIM number in Ncell?

  • To know own Ncell number, customers need to dial *903# or *103#. Then it will provide the own Ncell number.

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