Book Taxi from mobile App : Available at Kathmandu

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As we know we cannot find taxi on time .We may have some urgent works for which we need to go from one place to another. And as we know taxi is doing monopoly and taking high rate in meter system too. But now we don’t need to pay high and wait long, now you can book taxi from your mobile using online smart app from your mobile.

In Nepal, Onver Smart Taxi is the first app to provide such online taxi booking service. Any one can book taxi from any were  using this app inside valley. One demand it provides services to all . According to  Founder of Onver Smart Taxi , they have used GPS tacker in all the onver taxis and it is kept on when ever they are on service. They reach to the users by using map .

How to use this app?

First you need to download Onver Smart Taxi    app , after downloading and installing this app passenger have to register ID after that you need to launch app and you will see your current location on  map. Now you need to choose the destination were you want to go.  After choosing destination app will identify shortest path to reach the destination and you will see find taxi option, click on it to find available taxis on the root app will so you the registered onver taxis on the map and it will also locate were they are , select the nearest taxi and request it for service . Your request will go to the respective taxi after accepting your request taxi will pick of you from source and will drop you to the destination .



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