Apple iPhone 11 Chipset Will Be Made By Intel

iPhone 11

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Apple’s seem to have made it switch to Intel for its upcoming smartphones. the company is working with Intel on a new 5G chipset for the upcoming is making great momentum on our 5G.One of the reasons that the company needs to work toward new

chipsets is the evolution of 5G  that will replace 4G. thousands of engineers to work on the technology as getting the chipset correct and making one for the iPhone 11 chipset. The company announced that it had successfully completed a full end-to-end 5G call on its early 5G chipset.There is a chance that we may see this chipset in the next generation of iPhones, which would include the iPhone 11, even though the chipset may be made available to most smartphone makers only by 2019.the company will have to start making 5G compatible devices from next year.This is the reason this chipset could feature in a device that is expected to be released around the end of next year the iPhone 11.A 5G iPhone will be capable of speeds of 1GB per second.the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50, which was announced in last year. However, did not take place, Intel would have been a better choice for Apple all along. Since Qualcomm makes chipsets for the likes of Samsung and HTC and most other major smartphone companies the way Intel is offering for its chipsets.Qualcomm and Apple are in the development.

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