Airblock : The Modular and Programable Drone

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Airblock is The Modular and Programable Drone. Have you ever think more exciting in Drones? What would it will be if a Drone can be modified into Hovercraft So Makeblock has launched their the first modular drone that can be turned into a hovercraft, car, and more! It does stunts through drag-and-drop programming.

It’s a Drone 

When kids are younger, they only look at the things in front of them, but as they get older they start toAirblock look up and see a whole new world soaring above them. We have always been fascinated with what we couldn’t do ourselves — flight. We wanted to create a flying toy that children can make on their own and proudly exclaim it is their work and theirs only as it flies above their heads.

It’s a Modular Drone 

There aren’t a lot of drones that are created so kids and adults can build and play. The toy drones available now are so easily broken, so we wanted to created a drone that kids can build on their own and crash without having to worry about damaging furnitures or breaking easily.

It’s a Programmable Drone

Programming is not only useful for future programmers and computer scientists, but also plays a vital role in the child’s learning phase. We hope to use more interesting and interactive programming gadgets to foster children’s love for science and technology. We hope our gadgets can attribute to a child’s development and stimulate children to think independently and solves problems creatively.
Makeblock incorporated the amazing ability of flight with basic engineering and coding! It’s not only fun and ultra-cool to play, but it gets you to see flight in a whole new way. And the best part … the Airblock is only $99!!

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