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Google hacks

1. Use Google as a timer: Via Just type "Set timer 30 minutes" (or however long you want) in quotes, and the countdown begins! 2. Google will calculate your tip for you: Via Type "tip calculator," and a tip calculator…

One Plus 5T : a 499$ smartphone

One Plus 5T, What's New then One Plus 5 or Newer then other Flagship smartphones? One Plus 5T Youtube Live has ended and we got some new features! One Plus 5T is now an 18:9 aspect ratio 6" Full HD display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080…

Alert Alert : Viber Fake messages in Nepal

Number of fraud calls  from +92344877561,+923491295325,+601114610982 and form several other phone numbers has been reported in Nepal Telecome's mobile  viber user's . It is said that hackers call from this numbers and said that you have won…

OnePlus 5T Global launch

The launch of 5T is confirmed through its official page and through its video .The OnePlus 5T launches tomorrow, November 16, and the event  will be held in  Brooklyn, New York. The whole session will be live. Stay tuned !…

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